Microsoft has introduced a new web browser that comes with windows 10. It is said that it was the extension of Microsoft previous version that was internet explorer. Microsoft edge has lots of new features which was not available in internet explorer. 

Opera web browser enhancing itself and it is widely used web browser used by the mobile user. Opera Customer Support is the fast and simple web browser with a lot of functionalities while Microsoft edge was introduced with window 10 operating system. So, through the article, we will discuss the difference between opera and Microsoft edge web browser. We will discuss specification and functionalities of both the web browser. 



Microsoft edge web browser was introduced by Microsoft with its Windows 10 operating system and it is said as the extension of internet explorer. Let us discuss its key features.

Opera Customer Support

  • It has lower power consumption which allows it to use fast surfing experience.
  • It is integrated with MicrosoftCortanawhich allow a better user interface. 
  • It is loaded with web notes.
  • It is good for performance.
  • The process of synchronization is half backed by Microsoft edge.

It is said that only 5% of the user used Microsoft edge worldwide. The days where Microsoft browser leads the world are gone. Basically, we are doing the first thing with windows 10 is to install the Microsoft edge and used it to install google chrome. The faith and security that made with google chrome are nevertheless replaced by any of the browsers. But we think Microsoft edge can break this scenario by adding more feature to it. 


Opera is one of the fast, simple and secure web browser used throughout the world. Opera is always a niche player in browsers list. Opera is appreciated by the user for its commencement of innovation. Opera was considered as a first web browser with tabs. Let us discuss its key feature, 

  • Opera has built in the free virtual private network which allows surfing the web of different places.
  • Opera has the modest extension library.
  • The performance of opera mini is extremely good.
  • It has the feature of synchronization service.

Opera is always a modern looking browser with the impressive user interface. Opera has the best feature that made him upper in the browser segment is its inbuilt VPN. The user can easily mask their IP address and location by starting the VPN of opera.  Opera Customer Support Provide best services.

So, this article will really help you to know the difference between opera web browser and Microsoft edge web browser or visit Microsoft Edge Support